The AGCO IDEALTM combine is the first “clean-sheet” design of an axial combine in the industry in 30 years. With extensive input from farmers and dealers the world over, AGCO teams across the globe developed the IDEAL and then tested it in some of the most rigorous trials ever initiated by a farm equipment manufacturer. The result is a combine harvester range that ensures maximum efficiency, superior grain and straw quality, exceptional uptime, a comfortable and intuitive operator environment, and revolutionary sensor technology for on-the-fly harvesting adjustments.

The IDEAL Combine Highlights

IDEAL Highlights:

  • Streamer 210/6.0
    Grain handling system reaches the largest grain tank volume and the highest unloading rate in the market.
  • IDEALbalanceTM
    A new way to manage crop flow with two separate return pans to catch and manage material; it also compensates for slope and simplifies operation.
  • Dual Helix Processor
    Advanced power and increased efficiency using one or two rotors.
  • IDEAL TrakRideTM & Tires
    A narrow chassis main frame and modular concept design reduce soil compaction in the field.
  • IDEALharvestTM
    Improves power efficiency and offers larger and faster capacity, saving time for unloading.