As high-capacity combines continue to increase in size to boost productivity and efficiency, road transport width is becoming the limiting factor in this development. This is seen especially on the running gear and the large contact areas that are necessary to protect the soil.

The IDEAL combine from AGCO is the only high-capacity combine that does not exceed the 3.3 m transport width and still uses ground-friendly running gear. This is achieved by limiting the threshing width to 1.4 m. The system comprises two axial rotors of 4.85 m in length and extra-long, 0.6 m diameter threshing and separation concaves as well as up to 480kW engines. Smaller IDEAL models have only one axial rotor. The IDEAL combine from AGCO is the first combine in years that was developed from scratch and that features special technology.

Further award-worthy features include fully automatic header attachment with header identification so that the settings of the particular header are retrieved. The novel preparation and return pans are segmented and provide up to 15% side slope levelling. A new sensor system detects the separation processes on the threshing and separation concaves and on the cleaning system, and provides the necessary database for an automatic machine set-up.