Hebei Province, China: On July 26-28, 2017, the Hebei Xiong’an New Area became the focus of China's agricultural industry attention as the results of the 2016 Top 50+ Annual China Agricultural Machinery Awards were announced.  Since 2012 when AGCO China started participating in the selection activity, it has won awards each year—and this time was no exception. Its highly praised Massey Ferguson new product T5 Combine Harvester won the 2016 China Agricultural Machinery Annual TOP50 + Technological Innovation Gold Award. Mr. Yang Qing, Global Vice President and China Managing Director of AGCO, was awarded the 2016 China Agricultural Machinery Annual TOP50 + Annual Outstanding Industrial Contribution Character Award. These two grand awards give strength to AGCO’s leadership in the agricultural machinery industry.

Organized by the agricultural machinery magazine Farm Machinery, this annual Top 50+ selection activity has been held for five consecutive years. For this year’s selection activity, there were over 560 products from nearly 300 enterprises applying for different awards, covering 80-plus classes of 30 categories. After preliminary assessment and final review, a total of 50 products were included in the Top 50+ product awards. These 50 products were from various categories, such as tractors, harvesters, grain driers, grazing machines, plowing and planting machines, field management machines—including unmanned ones—and more.

Since its entry into China in 2001, AGCO Corporation has been actively engaged in agricultural machinery construction in China and is committed to bringing the most reliable, efficient and energy-saving products to Chinese users. The Massey Ferguson new T5 combine harvester product really deserved the Technological Innovation Gold Award. This product is an advanced combine harvester developed by AGCO Corporation specially for Chinese users through integrating its global resources while meeting China’s local requirements. The T5 combine harvester features a pioneering natural-grain separation system, combined with innovative technologies of accelerating rollers and dual-channel cleaning technology to provide high harvest efficiency and quality. Its unique 360-degree threshing separation technology enables quick grain separation. It has feed quantity up to 13 kg per second, unloading speed of 77.5 liters per second, plus has a large granary of 8,630 liters. These features have fully reduced the time for unloading and turnaround during operation while greatly enhancing users’ working efficiency.

Mr. Yang Qing, Global Vice President and China Managing Director of AGCO, who was awarded the Annual Outstanding Industrial Contribution Character Award, is a key person for AGCO Corporation in its distribution, large-scale investment and business development in the Chinese market. Since January 2014 when he joined AGCO, Mr. Yang Qing has overall responsibility for AGCO’s China operations, focusing on the sustainable execution of strategic development in China. This includes business development and expansion, commercial activity enhancement, distributor development, improvement of service and part supply capacity, constant attention on tractor production and localization process in the Changzhou Plant and active promotion of key business activities and projects of AGCO in China. As a pioneer in the high-end agricultural equipment field, he has won this award for three consecutive years. After being informed of winning, Mr. Yang Qing said that winning the award is not about his personal honor, but rather is a responsibility which comes with recognition and praise from the industry on AGCO Corporation’s operations in China, rewarding unremitting efforts over the years.

The 2016 Top 50+ Annual China Agricultural Machinery Awards, both the Technological Innovation Gold Award for the product and the Annual Outstanding Industrial Contribution Character Award, represent recognition from the Chinese agricultural machinery industry on what AGCO Corporation has done for the industry, the market and the users over the years. These awards not only are an embodiment of the abundant technological innovation results achieved, but also give praise for AGCO’s efforts in leading the development of the Chinese agricultural machinery industry. In the future, AGCO Corporation will keep implementing its innovative spirit of product and technology research and development and improve all-around high-tech agricultural solutions to better serve the Chinese market.