Ribeirão Preto - Valtra, a global leader in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, broke down barriers and brought social inclusion to its booth at Agrishow 2019, integrating people with Down Syndrome into its team of receptionists in the event.
With great skill and charisma, Eduardo Bertti, 35, and Lucas Bandolfo, 26, captivated visitors to Valtra’s booth at Agrishow, delivering gifts and company materials.
Lucas Bandolfo is part of Valtra’s team of receptionists at Agrishow 2019

Valtra, one of parent company AGCO’s core brands, is committed to diversity and inclusion as part of the TRAIT initiative. TRAIT represents AGCO’s core values: Team spirit, Respect, Accountability, Integrity and Transparency. This initiative has four focus areas: human capital, community, market and suppliers.
"TRAIT is how we embrace the perspectives and thoughts of each individual, of every reality, to build a successful business. The experience of being a global company points out that diversity promotes creativity and innovation," says Sheila Fonseca, Director of Human Resources at ACGO South America.

Eduardo Bertti (center) worked throughout the week at Agrishow

Rita Chichitoste, casting producer of First Models, AGCO's supplier at Agrishow, highlights the importance of representation for the disability community and their families: "It is very gratifying to see the transformational power of this inclusion, whether it is in our team in the event or in their families. Everything gets brighter. It's amazing how much we've learned from them. They are able to do everything that we do, and they do everything with so much love. There are limitations, but we all have some sort of limitation, so in the day-to-day work this is not important".
ADEVIRP's choral and social action kicked off Valtra’s booth at Agrishow
Valtra partnered with non-profit organization ADEVIRP (Association of the Visually Impaired in Ribeirão Preto and Region). On the first day of Agrishow, the ADEVIRP chorus, consisting of 35 visually impaired singers, performed at Valtra’s booth to mark the opening of the event. Valtra then made a donation of 1 ton of food to ADEVIRP.

ADEVIRP utilizes specially adapted tools and equipment for its visually impaired clients to use for educational and personal development.  "The choir’s presentation is another demonstration of AGCO’s and Valtra’s commitment with diversity and inclusion", says João Carramate, Valtra’s Sales Director.
Lucas Bandolfo (center) worked throughout the week at Agrishow