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Fendt Cargo T740 – Lift it up.

The new Fendt Cargo T740 telescopic loader has a lifting height of 7.70 m and a lifting capacity of 4 t in the class of 6 to 8 m working height. With this compact model, Fendt is pushing ahead with the volume segment, which occupies more than 80 percent of the European market for telescopic loaders.

The new compact all-rounder

The agile and efficient machine is at home in medium-sized mixed operations. The telescopic loader combines a working height of up to 7.70 m with high breakaway force, precise control and a viewing height of over four metres. For example, the Fendt Cargo T740 can be used for a wide range of agricultural work such as handling straw, transport, feeding or silo removal.

Lift it up - the lift cab Fendt TopViewCab

The Fendt Cargo T740 offers unique driving comfort with the new generation of the Fendt TopViewCab lift cage with vibration damping. The cab can be raised to an eye level of 4.10 m and thus allows the direct view in trailers or feeder mixers during the loading. When manoeuvring, the unrestricted view of the vehicle and the entire workspace increases safety. The continuous curved front window from the roof to the floor is not covered by a dashboard. This gives drivers the best view up and down. This facilitates, among other things, the storage of straw bales. An integrated roller blind protects against direct sunlight. The continuous side window ensures optimum visibility of the attachments, the boom and the surroundings.


The oscillating control console is integrated on the right side of the driver's seat and allows maximum operating precision regardless of the operating environment. The colouring of the operating buttons corresponds to the Fendt logic, so users quickly find their way. In addition, the ergonomics and functions of the joystick were optimised.


If the same cab position is repeatedly required for work operations, this position can be stored via the memory function. Drivers can thus, for example, determine the maximum cabin height for stall entrances and recall it repeatedly. When the function is activated, the cab lifts up to the stored height.


As standard, the Fendt Cargo T740 is equipped with a heater for the rear window, this ensures clear visibility even on cold days. Air conditioning ensures pleasant temperatures in summer. Seven different storage options create storage space.


Agile and powerful


The Fendt Cargo T740 combines load performance and lifting height with manoeuvrability and a compact design. With a turning radius of 4.15 m, shunting also works with minimal space.

The lifting arm of the Fendt Cargo T740 is designed for a maximum load capacity of 4 t. The robust arm is centred by the honeycomb shape of the boom. For optimum power transmission, it is mounted centrally on the vehicle.

Due to its Z kinematics, the Fendt Cargo T740 achieves a breakaway force of 65 kN on the bucket. A power comparable to that of a wheel loader. Loading solid manure or removing material from the silo is therefore no problem for the Fendt telescopic loader.


The precise and efficient working hydraulics with a flow capacity of 170 l/min allow a sensitive control of all hydraulic functions including the lifting arm and the cab.


The 4-cylinder Cummins engine with 136 hp meets the European exhaust standard Stage V with a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC), a diesel particle filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).


The standard speed is 20 km/h. Optionally, speeds of 30 or 40 km/h are also possible, so that the Fendt Cargo T740 can also be used in transport..


Technical specifications: Fendt Cargo T740

  • Charge weight: 9.4 t
  • Maximum load capacity: 4 t
  • Max: Lift height: 7.70 m
  • Max. Load capacity at max. height: 2.6 t
  • Max. Load capacity at max. extent: 1.7 t
  • Break out force at the bucket: 65 kN
  • Hydraulic power: 170 l/min (working pressure: 300 bar)
  • Hydraulic power: 170 l/min (working pressure: 300 bar)

Tire options

The ground conditions dictate the tyre choice of the telescopic loader. The right tires play a decisive role in the safety and performance of the machine. With a tyre of 400/70 R24, the vehicle height of the Fendt Cargo T740 is below 2.50 m. A tyre size of 500/70 R24 is also available.

The Fendt Cargo T740 can now be ordered in selected Central European markets.

France is the largest market for telehandlers in Europe. In addition, the Fendt Cargo T740 is offered in the DACH region, the Benelux countries, Great Britain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia.

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