Since the start of the war in Ukraine, our first priority has been protecting our Ukrainian employees and their families.  We took a range of fast actions to secure their ongoing safety and stability and have extended many of those same protections to our industry partners and farmers. 

Sustainably feeding our world is core to our purpose, and the war in Ukraine jeopardizes the food security of those who rely on Ukrainian and Russian exports.  The AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF) previously announced a $100,000 donation to support United Nations World Food Programme emergency relief efforts. These efforts provide food assistance to Ukrainian families and those in neighboring countries impacted by the conflict. AGCO and the AAF have also created a "ShareTheMeal" team campaign with the U.N. World Food Programme to raise the equivalent of 182,000 meals in three months as an extension of the total donation. 

Russia and Ukraine are vital to the world’s food supply, and we have carefully considered how best to serve farmers while taking necessary action in response to the unprovoked attacks on Ukraine.  We immediately suspended the sale of new machines into Russia and Belarus two weeks ago. We have also complied, and will continue to comply, with all sanctions.  

Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and all those directly impacted by this war. We will continue to take action to prevent this humanitarian crisis from becoming a global hunger crisis.