Bashkortostan, September 7, 2017 – AGCO-RM, the joint enterprise of AGCO, a global manufacturer of agricultural machinery, and Russian Machines, a corporation that consolidates assets of the Basic Element industrial group, conducted the final stage of the Crop Tour 2017 research project in cooperation with their partners. This project has no analogues in Russia. Scientists and practicing agronomists from the USA, Denmark, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Bashkir State Agrarian University (BSAU) took part in the event.

The final stage of Crop Tour 2017 was organized by AGCO-RM in cooperation with official dealer Matrix Universal, and Syngenta, a global leaders in the seed industry. The event took place in the Red Bashkiria agricultural production cooperative on August 15, 2017. This ambitious experiment was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Heads and specialists from farms all over the South Urals and nearby regions – more than 300 people in total attended this key event.

Crop Tour 2017’s primary goal was to show under actual field conditions how sustainable No-Till and Strip-Till technologies can rapidly raise productivity of agricultural enterprises and thus significantly increase overall profitability. Test Plots of a total combined area of 200 ha was created for the experiment. Four test land plots were cropped with corn using different seeder settings, technologies and fertilization standards in Spring 2017. The final stage also included a research workshop where the organizers demonstrated the results of using AGCO machinery and technologies at each experimental station.

The first station studied the impact of different fertilization standards on formation of corn and its root system, and compared the results of soil treatment using No-Till и Stip-Till technologies. The second station was organized by the scientists from the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Bashkir State Agrarian University; they focused on retaining soil fertility and its rational use in the challenging local environmental conditions. Different seeding standards as well as the effect of seeding depth and different pressure on soil and yield were compared at the third station. Syngenta presented several hybrid samples to seed and study at the fourth experimental land plot.

According to the preliminary estimates, Crop Tour 2017 promises quite impressive results. Its organizers expect a twenty-percent yield growth at experimental land plots without using fertilizers.

Darren Goebel, AGCO Global Commercial Crop Care director:

“The purpose of our project is to give an opportunity to discuss what is interesting to the farmers: how to make a business more profitable, get more yield, more profit. Accordingly, our task is to help farmers achieve the full potential of soils and machinery. We conduct various researches that can explain and demonstrate to customers how to use the equipment settings and technologies on various soils to obtain the maximum harvest. We show that if farmers use the whole range of their opportunities – equipment, fertilizers, plant-protection products – they will get the promised profit.

“The dry climate of Bashkortostan is excellent for using the Strip-Till technology that was developed in a very dry region of the USA, where the farmers’ main goal is increasing productivity in conditions of moisture deficit. Our experiment in the Red Bashkiria showed that applying the Strip-Till technology will allow the roots to penetrate deeper without encountering obstacles. In this case the row spacing remains untreated, with the remaining stubble accumulating and retaining precious moisture.”

Cameron McKenzie,  Product Marketing Manager EME – Challenger Seeding & Tillage

“Crop Tour is a very important platform for exchanging experiences: it gives farmers a chance to evaluate different technologies under actual field conditions and, most importantly, the results of their implementation. In comparison, we are finding that the Russian event has been very dynamic, which has exceeded our expectations. This Crop Tour event represents the best of what technology can offer and gives the farmers/producers a chance to discuss and see the valuable insights as to the agronomical benefits of PLANT-MACHINE-SOIL interaction, enabling them to become more efficient and increase overall profitability of the professional farming community.”

Nikolay Gapon, AGCO-RM Product Manager:

“We mostly wanted to show how impressive the results achievable using the modern Strip-Till technologies can be, especially in such areas of high risk farming as in this particular region of Bashkortostan. And we indeed got them! When we saw that the volume of corn harvest had grown by twenty percent without any fertilizers, we became eager to promote and implement this technology.

It should be noted that Strip-Till cannot be applied without special machinery equipped with options offered by Precision Planting. This is why the Strip-Till Challenger 7610-20 cultivator that makes applying this technology possible was used in the project. By the way, this technology has never been used in Bashkortostan before, and this is the first cultivator of this type in the region.”



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