Mexico City - AGCO, world’s leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural equipment that offers high-tech solutions for professional agriculturist, inaugurated today, in Queretaro, a new plant that will promote the expansion of the operations of the company in the country. The first phase of the construction of this new plant has had an initial total investment of $10,000,000 USD.

During his visit to Mexico, Martin Richenhagen, President and CEO of AGCO Corporation, pointed out that the new plant highlights the importance of the Mexican market, "AGCO is committed to provide agricultural integral solutions and services for our customers and distributors in Mexico. Our commitment is to continue growing with the country, this investment is only the first phase of a company’s key project, the one that will allow us to continue supporting the growing demand for agricultural equipment and new technologies that the Mexican field demands, we want to help Mexican agricultural practices to be more profitable and competitive."


During the opening, the President of one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment in the world, said that, in recent years, AGCO Mexico has increased its market share more than the double, focusing on technology segments and maintaining its solid base in utility tractors (up to 90 hp). Regarding this, AGCO’s country manager in Mexico, Ricardo Maggio, said that, at a local level, the company works jointly with the public and private sector in order to address several linked problems that are currently affecting the agricultural sector in the country, this scenarios affects the management of water, infrastructure and sector’s information.

In that sense, Maggio added that "AGCO helps to increase the professionalization of the distributor’s network and collaborates with agriculturists in their trainings for the use of technology and knowledge regarding the best practices that allow them to increase the agricultural productivity, contributing, thus, to the Mexican countryside’s development expectations; Specifically, we offer the widest range of agricultural equipment and grain storage systems, lines of credit for agriculturists with the most competitive market rates."

In Mexico, AGCO has continuously increased its market share with Massey Ferguson. It has a 23 distributor’s network and 103 points of sale. In the current plant, several models of forage equipment, sprayers, chargers and tractors are assembled from 16 hp up to 370 hp. Due to the brand recognition, received from customers in Mexico, the company has acquired the committed of increasing the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of the sector throughout these investments.

Finally, Robert B. Crain, AGCO’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Americas, mentioned that the inauguration of the new plant in Queretaro is an important investment for the company, since it will allow to strengthen their growth in Mexico and the expansion in the region. "This new industrial complex reflects the power that AGCO has in agricultural machinery. It is indisputable that the primary sector requires a modernization and this new plant will allow us to cover the constant needs of an agricultural market in continuous evolution."